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Gulf Coast Radon

Testing and Mitigation

Gulf Coast Radon recently completed a mitigation job for us and I am taking the time to comment because the experience and the results were so positive. From the initial contact to discuss the project and obtain information on the process, to quoting, scheduling and performing the job, it was the best experience I've ever had with a contractor. The post-mitigation report and interaction was just as good. And, the test results validated that the mitigation project was a complete success. 
All of the people with whom I interacted at Gulf Coast Radon were very professional, competent, reliable and friendly. I highly recommend this firm. 

~Tim O.

Your guys were neat, tidy, efficient, and courteous.  They did an all-around first class job.  Thank you.

~Ken L.

Jim R.

The installation team was quite professional and installed the equipment quickly and cleaned up before leaving.  We could not be more pleased with their work.

~Jim R.

I had an extremely professional experience with Gulf Coast Radon.  Not all those who bid on radon mitigation in Naples are able to complete the job.  It requires a firm with a fair amount of expertise and it is expertise outside regular AC jobs.  This firm showed on appointed date and time and completed the job within the day, and left the house clean.  Jen (office support) was very timely and clear in her orchestration.  This firm gets an A+
~Janet R.

Hi Jen,
Such good news!   Thank you so much for everything. You have been great to work with!
~Anne U.

Thank you for all your help arranging the required inspections. I wanted you to know that all the Collier County inspectors were very complimentary of the work done by your company. The fire marshal in particular said he has seen some pretty bad work in the past (by others) but this was a professional job. Thanks again.
~Dan T.


Thank you so much for your prompt service.
~Betty C.

​Good Morning Jen,
You and your service man were so fantastic! Thank you for sending this information to me.  It's tremendously helpful.
I hope you have a wonderful day and nice week ahead.  Thank you again!
~Sarah G.

​Thanks for the great service!
~Marty L.


​Yea !  Thanks to all of you.  I was so impressed with your company from start to finish.  You are a joy to work with.

~Georgiana M.


Jon, Merle, & Jen,

We just wanted to take the opportunity to let you know how much we appreciate how your organization responded, explained, and resolved our condo issue.

You were all professional, patient, sincerely concerned, and amazingly responsive.  We would recommend you to everyone.  Thanks again.

~ Vic & Gabrielle T.


Thanks for the proposal.  Will get signed and back to you.  I've only used your company for mitigation and have found you to be the best price.

~ Michelle A.


Thank you Jon!  You all are the best!!!!

~ Nina L.


Hi Jon,  
Thank you so much for your very thorough work on this project.  Great news that the levels are so low.  I appreciate the attachments which cover everything in detail.

~ Darleen V.



Thank you so much - the sellers were present during the process of the mitigation and relayed to me that the team who did the work were "awesome, tidy, efficient, and nice".  They were delighted.  Thanks as always to Jon.

~ Rosemary SB.


By the way, Gulf Coast Inspections and Testing have a very good reputation with our HOA.

~ Stu S.


My wife and I wanted you to know that your crew installing the Radon Mitigation system today are "top notch".  They are very professional, got their work done, cleaned up, and we were happy to have them here.  Thank you so much..........you will certainly get more recommendations through our realtor Beth J, as I have let her know what a great job was done!

~ Curt & Claudette T.



I cant thank you enough for your help with all of this.  While I am not a radon specialist by any means, I really can't imagine this is all that difficult.  Realizing how busy we all are, I really appreciate your attention to this.  

~ Dore C.


I am really impressed with this proposal.  I can see why Rex recommended you.

~ Adam C.


We would like to thank you for handling our radon problem so quickly and efficiently.  We are very satisfied with the quality of your work.

~ Harold & Lorraine M.



Thanks very much for a very thorough and completely professional experience.  Please feel free to use me as a reference if future potential customers would like to contact past clients.

~ Rich Y.


Hi Jon,

Thanks very much for the great job your crew did today. 

~ Rich Y.


I would highly recommend Gulf Coast Inspections and Testing.  I live in upstate NY and we bought a condo that needed Radon remediation.  Gulf Coast Inspections were referred to us and we could not be more happier.  They did the job when they said they would, the place was neat and clean when they were done.  They returned our calls promptly.  Living so far away it was a nice feeling knowing we were dealing with an honest and reputable company.  You will not be dissappointed.

~ Joey T.


Gulf Coast is a good company, they know what their doing.  As long as they install in the proper areas, the Assoc. will approve at the Homeowners expense for their work

~ Mark T.


Thank you very much Jon.  Did a wonderful job.

~ Roland H.


Thanks Jon as always for the great service.  It is appreciated.

~ Dennis B.


We had our Radon mitigation  installation done this last Wednesday.  Your guys did a very professional job.  Thanks to them.

~ Roland H. 


Hi Jon,

I just wanted to let you know that your 2 guys did a great job this morning.  They were very professional, friendly, and informative.  They did their work very thoughtfully and cleaned up nicely.  Very good men.

~ Mike A.


This was probably one of the hardest radon systems you had to get approval for.  My wife and I want to thank you for all the hoops you had to go through to get this done for the March 6th property transfer.  I know there were many phone calls and e-mails, but your company came through for us.  I don't know how the county changed stuff around, but they did not make it easy for anyone.  I would highly recommend your company if anyone ever asked as everyone I had talked to about this, was labeled as the county issue, not your company.  Again, thanks for your sincere efforts for us.  Best to everyone.

~ Larry VC.


Thanks, Jon!  You guys have been wonderful.

~ Scott F.


Thank you so much for your prompt reply.  I greatly appreciate it.  I've used you guys before in that community and I can attest to the work that was completed and your price was the best back then, so I'm guessing it will be the same today!  I'll be in touch once the buyer and seller have had a chance to make a plan of action.

~ Jon W.


I know Veronique has already emailed you back in regards to this but I too wanted to thank you for going above and beyond for our client and us too really......its not very often that you get the opportunity to work with another who has the same work ethics that Veronique  and myself do so I wanted to let you know that it is sincerely appreciated.  We look forward to working with you in the future on new business!

~ Dana B.


Hi Jon,

I thought you might like to see what Agnes sent out to all agents in our company.  Obviously you guys are popular with Premier Plus agents.  We now have 800 agents (most in SWFL) so this can only be good for your business.  I will continue to recommend you every chance I get.  Cheers!

~ Dennis B.


So many recommended this company so I thought I would share.

~ Agnes T.


Agnes, call Jon Bush at Gulf Coast Inspections and Testing.  I have used this company on several occasions to install radon mitigation systems.  They are reasonably priced and very professional.  They do all types of testing and inspections.  They guarantee the radon mitigation will be successful.

~ Dennis B.


I have had very good results using Gulf Coast Inspections and testing.  They do a good job and are reasonably priced.  They do testing adn they do the installation of the mitigation system.  They then re-test and they guarantee their work.

~ Dennis B.



The fellow who installed the unit on Saturday was very good / efficient.

~ Mark P.


Hi Jon,

Your installers just left and they did a wonderful job.  

~ Suzanne S.



Jeremy and Rich were fast efficient workers and did a great job keeping the mess down.  This installation took less time than we thought.  

~ Ray


Jeremy and the other gentleman were great.  The noise is from the dryer booster not the radon machine.  Thank you!

~ Tami O.


Dodona and I had a great experience with you guys in a previous house on radon mitigation.

~ Ornela R.


Thank you Jon!  You have been very easy to work with and I will pass on your name to friends/Realtors in Naples who may need your services!  Thank you!

~ Mary M.


Thank you Jon.  Your workers did a very good job.

~ Irene T.


Please see the message below and attachment from Gulf Coast Inspections and Testing for radon remediation.  I highly recommend them.  They are very familiar with every floor plan in Rapallo and have it down to a science.  I was forced to use another company to remediate the form design center in Rapallo because Gulf Coast was booked 6 weeks in advance.  The cost was over $2,500 with the other company and I never had the comfort zone as I do with Gulf Coast.

~ Joni P.



Thank you so much!  I feel better now that I am not breathing the radon at such high concentrations.  Please feel free to use my name and contact information for any and all references you will ever need.  I found your company professional, competent, on time, delivered everything and more than you promised plus when the guys were done they left my home as clean as they found it, and the job was so neatly done!!!!!!  In this day and age it was such a pleasure to work with you.  I am going to contact Ann as she was the one who inspected and them gave me the list of companies she recommends for the mitigation and let her know to put you as#1 on her list.  I finance residential properties and if I ever have the chance to recommend you, I will.  Obviously I am very pleased.  

~ Nancy T.



Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with the installation of our mitigation equipment.  The crew left little trace of having done any work at all, and completed the job in a relatively short amount of time.

~ Jeff P.


Thanks Jon for adjust your schedule to do the installation during our visit.  Rich did a great job and was friendly and professional.

​~ David H.